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Preparation of technical and work projects and details for construction of buildings and equipment; urban planning; consulting in the area of building, properties and building legislation. Coordination and approving of the projects documentation with the authorities. Landscape and urban design projects. Interior design projects. Building retrofit projects.


Our vision for a new building is that it should always add new and positive qualities to the site and the brief. We have an approach where we always see the project’s complexity and challenges as a positive creative force to create something unique for the site and purpose. At Modul Architekti we struggle to create buildings primarily through close co-operation within the practice as well as with clients. We strive with artistic vigour for an animated and evolving architecture that applauds simplicity, clarity and unpretentiousness, but also diversity. International trends and the changing ideals of society inspire us and are interpreted and translated into our architecture. We consider the environment, resource awareness, a sensible building budget, higher productivity and good quality to be an indispensable part of our current and future work. These overall considerations are built into our projects.

Themes of interest

Contemporaty architecture and design. Sustainable living and smart cities; enhancing the urban environment.

Social inclusion & integration; sustainable housing policy and built environment; skills & capacity building. Social housing. Research of best or proven practices and political documents; the EU housing policy, its history and public expenses, social-economical models, standards, political decisions and changing responsibilities; roles of the government and local authorities.

Sustainable communities – active, inclusive and safe; environmentally sensitive; well designed and built.